We strive to provide clear and easy-to-understand accounting for you and your guests.
We have adopted a web-based quotation system so that you can check the quotation whenever you like.
Please read the following notes and contact us for a more detailed estimate.

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Prices quoted on the web are tentative estimates.The following is a list of our services. Our staff will ask you about your desired plans and shooting locations, and will provide you with an official estimate after confirming applicable promotions and shooting permit fees.
The system allows you to select each campaign,Each has its own period of discount coverage.Therefore, if there is no applicable campaign, we may not be able to lower the price at the time of the official quotation.Contact UsPlease check with us at
Campaign excludes travel fees and additional options depending on the shooting area,Discount applies only to photography plans for Western, Japanese, and Western-style clothing.The first two are the following.
OurBecause the store is located in Sapporo,Furano and Obihiro.For locations outside of Sapporo, a "business trip fee" will be charged.Therefore, if you select "Photography Area" in the web estimate, a travel fee will be added according to the location.
The optional cost is added only if two locations are visited during the day, plus sunset and night views. Therefore,For sunset or night view only, you can start hair and makeup later in the day without incurring an optional fee.Sunset and night view times vary depending on the season, so please contact us to confirm the detailed starting time for preparation.
Please note that the web estimate is only a tentative estimate,You can change your preference when our staff asks you.We will then provide you with a formal estimate after the couple's intentions have been finalized.
The system is in a format where you can choose to add a reserve day for an optional fee,For specific dates of availabilityContact UsPlease check with us atWe recommend that you contact us as soon as possible, as your preferred dates may already be filled during the popular season.
Please note that the system always allows you to choose the "Bring Your Own Costume Discount", but the discount is subject to conditions.The only conditions are that the couple must bring in their own costumes and the shooting area must be outside of Sapporo.


Reservations for photo shoots

Reservations for photo shoots can be made by e-mail or on line.
Please feel free to contact us for more information about availability and campaign applications.