How much does it cost to take location photos in the Sapporo area? Costume rank free: 129,800 yen

Hokkaido has many attractive spots in all seasons.

Among them, the Sapporo area has greenery and flowers,A popular area for both residents and visitors to Hokkaido.It is.

In this issue, we will explain the costs associated with Uawedding's location photography in the Sapporo area.

As of 12/04/2023

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This article is for two people

  • For those who want to do location photography in the Sapporo area
  • Those who are considering other areas in terms of cost.

Uawedding's Sapporo location photography is 129,800 yen with free costume rank!

Uawedding's cost in the Sapporo area is the lowest at 129,800 yen.

As for our commitment,There is no additional charge for any type of dress.

With this in mind, we do not set an additional fee for upgrading the rank of costumes.

In running Uawedding, there is an increase in the ranks of costumes.

I thought, 'It will be difficult to genuinely enjoy fashion,

All costumes are rank-free.

You can choose from a total of more than 60 outfits of your choice.

You can also see the lineup of costumes on the following page

We may not be able to keep up with updating some of the photos of the costumes since they have arrived.

Please contact us for the latest costume lineup.

You can save more by taking advantage of each campaign.

We offer a special campaign to save on reservations for all seasons in Sapporo: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

As of now, these campaigns are underway or planned for 2024.

Campaigns in progress and planned for Sapporo in 2024

  • Cherry Blossom Location Campaign
  • New Green Location Campaign
  • Summer Location Campaign
  • Autumn Foliage Location Campaign
  • Winter Location Campaign

However, in order to reserve your room at the best price, please check the applicable period of each campaign and

Please note that reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis from those whose reservation dates have been signed.

Some of the campaigns are offering up to 151 TP3T,

If you want to add multiple options such as albums and movies, you can do so.

We recommend it because it can reduce the total cost as much as possible.

Campaign discounts exclude options and travel expenses,

The basic fee is covered.

Uawedding's fee system is explained in detail on this page and in the article,

Please refer to this page.

Two filming locations in the Sapporo area

In addition to rank-free costumes, you can choose from two locations.

Sapporo Area Plan Contents

  • More than 150 edited photos
  • Two locations in the same area
  • One each of wedding dress & suit
  • Bride's hair and makeup
  • artificial bouquet
  • Accessory
  • Mobile vehicles for each location

Moerenuma Park, with its beautiful greenery and pyramids, and Yurigahara Park, where you can take pictures as if you were in a garden overseas,

There are many attractive locations in the Sapporo area.

Please refer to the bottom of this page for an explanation of the location reference.