Frequently Asked Questions


About Reservations

Counseling is basicallyIn-person and onlineThis will be done at one of the following locations.

Also,You can also do this on line, via email, or other texting.You can make reservations in a way that is convenient for both of you.

Email using the contact form, official Instagram DM, official LINE

You can do this from three options.

Contact Us Page

Please contact us by any of the following methods.

There are four steps to confirming a reservation.

1. counseling for the two of youPreferred dates, shooting area, and desired planand provide you with a tentative estimate.

2. when the couple's reservation for Uawedding is fixedCustomer form for reservation holders onlyPlease enter the following information. At that time, you will also be asked to select the options you would like to pay for. (You can also change it later.)

3. to the two of youEstimate with the total amount and "deposit" which is half of the total amountwill be given to you.

4. the above deposit is paid and the reservation is confirmed.
Prices quoted on the web are tentative estimates.will be.

Our staff will ask you about your desired plans and shooting locations, and provide you with a formal estimate after confirming applicable promotions and shooting permit fees.
Uawedding has a store in Sapporo,For locations outside of Sapporo, such as Furano and Obihiro, a "business trip fee" will be charged.For the respective travel fees,Web QuotePlease check with us at
In principle, we will shoot even if it is cloudy or raining lightly. However, if any of the following conditions applyIf the staff decides to postpone or change the shooting date within one year from the couple's shooting date, we will do so free of charge.

1. in the event of a natural disaster such as a typhoon, torrential rain or heavy snowfall

2. if the couple is not feeling well

Also,You must decide to change the date of the photo shoot at the time you decide to postpone it.Due to the high volume of reservations, especially between July and September, we would appreciate it if you would consider rescheduling the postponement date to a date a year from now.

Please check with our staff for dates that are closer to your original shooting date, as they are also likely to be full. In addition, please check with our staff to see if there are any dates that are closer to the original shoot date than the original date.If the change is not made within one year, or if the change exceeds one year, a cancellation fee will be charged.
Cancellation of the photo shoot due to personal reasons of the coupleIn the event of a cancellation, a cancellation fee will be charged in accordance with the following provisions.

46 days prior to the shooting date
No cancellation fee will be charged. Deposits are refundable minus a transfer fee.

45 to 31 days prior to the shooting date
A deposit of 501 TP3T from the total amount will be charged as a cancellation fee.

30 to 15 days prior to the shooting date
501 TP3T of the remaining balance, excluding the deposit, will be charged as a cancellation fee. The deposit is non-refundable.

14 to 8 days prior to the shooting date
80% will be charged as a cancellation fee from the total amount excluding the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable.

7 days prior to the day of the shoot - the day of the shoot
A cancellation fee of 1001 TP3T of the remaining balance, excluding the deposit, will be charged. The deposit is non-refundable.



Because Hokkaido is vast and some areas are surrounded by mountains, weather conditions vary from place to place.Especially in the Furano and Biei areas, the weather tends to be changeable due to the high altitude and high mountains compared to the city.On the day of the photo shoot, our staff may change the schedule to avoid rain. Our staff will do their best to ensure that the weather and environment are as good as possible for the photos.
The reserve date isCan be set as a paid optionIt is. For more information.Web QuotePlease check with us at the following address. If you are concerned about the weather, we recommend that you schedule a backup date.
Sunset isClear skies and few clouds in the shooting locationIt does not appear otherwise.Sunset photography is available only for those who agree to the impractical weather conditions.Sunset photography is available at no extra charge if you agree to the following conditions.
The optional cost is added only if two locations are visited during the day, plus sunset and night views. Therefore,For sunset or night view only, you can start hair and makeup later in the day without incurring an optional fee. Sunset and night view times vary depending on the season.Contact UsPlease check with us at
The weather may be changed only when the staff determines that the weather is inclement and the couple is willing to make the change. In that caseAdditional travel and entrance fees may apply depending on location.Please note that there may be cases where


About Payment

There are two types of payment methods

1. bank transfer
2. credit card

Credit cards are only accepted through Paypay, so you will need to register your credit card on top of the Paypay application. To registerThis pagefor more information.
Payment is due at the following two times.

1. Payment of "deposit" required to confirm the reservation
2. Payment of the balance after the photo shoot
If you choose to make a bank transfer, the transfer fee isThe two of you will be responsible for the cost.

Wedding Fashion

About Costumes

Uawedding offers a wide variety of dresses. Specifically, we have over 50 white dresses and sizes from size 5 to 13. However, we do not have a large number of dresses,Please note that the number of choices may be limited depending on the size.
We also have colored dresses available. However,Our lineup is more limited than that of white dressesTherefore, we may not be able to meet your requested size or color. If you wish to order a colored dress,Contact UsPlease feel free to contact us at
Shoes and nubra for bride, shoes, belt and shirt for groomis included. If the nouvea is the wrong color, it may show through the dress, or the man's belt may not match the outfit,Basically, we recommend that you add the optionThe Company has been working on this project for the past three years.
The groom will wear socks and V-neck underwear and the bride will wear beige stockings.

Hair & Make

About Hair and Makeup

It will vary depending on the location you wish to use,Basically, we will prepare your wedding at Uawedding's store.Other times, depending on the situation, we may prepare the wedding at the couple's lodging, at home, or at our atelier in Kamifurano.If you wish to have your hair and makeup done at your accommodation, you will need to obtain permission from the facility in advance.
If you do not change the outfit but change the hair styleWe offer this service as an option for a fee.Rates.Web QuotePlease check with us in advance. Also, please consult with us in advance as we may not be able to accommodate your request depending on your shooting area or schedule for the day.
The morning of the day of the shootYou have even taken care of your skin.If you are allergic to cosmetics or wish to use your own cosmetics, please consult us in advance.
Body make-up isCharged OptionThe scope of application is as follows. The scope of application isAreas that do not adhere to the dressThe company will do the following Rates are.Web QuotePlease check with us at
Even short hair can be arranged.Please send us a picture of what you would like to see before you order. Also, please prepare fake hair by yourself if you wish to use it, as Uawedding does not handle it.


Quotation for photography

After you select what you would like to do, a price estimate will automatically be displayed.
Please feel free to contact us for detailed amounts.